About Us


Non-profit USA government organization aiming to help people in difficulty through prevention and optimal donations on a planetary scale, also intended to distribute funds to scientists and researchers in the medical field to help sick people who are victims of AIDS, cancer or other disease. Including for the protection of animals. These funds will be obtained mainly thanks to people participating in the economic complexes created by our companies, but also thanks to donations made by people around the world. Part of these funds will also be earmarked for the creation of a military base for the rehabilitation of detainees with an aviation and naval military school, and to build houses and schools in some countries with KALIS TRACE D&C Company

Constitutional Charter of the Organization

Mr Angel-Christ GAYDU and Mrs Kim KARDASHIAN are the first actors of this project, and is accompanied more mainly by the first executive director of the KGK group that he founded to carry out this Government project. The mission of the Washington White House, which he has appointed as its first executive manager, is to work in collaboration with the states he has selected, particularly for the recruitment of soldiers, after expertise that will be conducted by the jurisdictional courts.